Sheepsfoot Knife

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Using the proper blade will help you to prevent unintentional injury. Although there are various blade options, the Sheepsfoot edge might be the best for you. The Sheepsfoot blade's primary purpose is for precise slicing and chopping. It is cautiously designed to prevent unintentional injuries or to avoid mishaps like being punctured or stabbed. It has a straight cutting edge and a dull curved back spine that meets with the straight edge to make a false point to prevent injuries. 


  • The Sheepsfoot blade is excellent for cutting and slicing because it is controllable.
  • A Sheepsfoot blade is designed to have no point to prevent injuries.


  • Sheepsfoot blade has no point, which limits versatility.
  • Due to a lack of point, the Sheepsfoot blade is not ideal for camping, where a knife will be used in everything.


The Sheepsfoot blade gets its name from the shape of the blade shape, which resembles a sheep's hoof. Due to its lack of points, some brands compare it to a razor more than a knife. It has a different flat, sharp straight cutting-edge front and a curved dull back spine that meets the straight edge to form a rounded point called a false point. The sharp edge is excellent for cutting and slicing and provides a precise clean cut. At the same time, the blunt, rounded tip is designed to avoid unwanted injuries and to improve overall balance of the blade.

Special Features

There are many unique features of the Sheepsfoot blade. It has many uses depending on the brand of the blade. One of the unique features of this blade is that it’s excellent at carving and whittling wood and sticks. In cutting marshmallow sticks or other wood creations, you can use a Sheepsfoot knife. 

Some brands use Sheepsfoot blades for kitchens that aim to slice foods without a point getting in the way. It’s also great for emergency purposes. Emergency responders use Sheepsfoot knives to cut seatbelts and other restraints without injuring the victims. Due to its excellent design, Sheepsfoot blade is very controllable.

Popular Sheepsfoot Knives

Japanese Santoku Knife

A Santoku Knife is a Japanese kitchen knife ideal for chopping, slicing and dicing. It typically measures 130 cm to 200 cm in length. The recommended length of this knife is 165 cm. It is a Sheepsfoot knife due to its straight, cutting-edge characteristics.

Gerber Jukebox

Gerber Jukebox knife has a 2.75" blade and 3 ⅞" long handle. It has retro appeal that comes from a ⅞" broad Sheepsfoot blade that resembles a razer more than a knife.

Kizer Vanguard Mini Sheepdog

Vanguard Mini is suitable for someone who loves camping. Vanguard Mini is a Sheepsfoot knife with a 2.5" straight edge ideal for cutting rope and slicing foods to prepare over the campfire. Due to its versatility, this is ideal for camping.

Benchmade Griptilian

Griptilian is a famous and primary example of what is a Sheepsfoot knife. Griptilian features a 3.45" steel Sheepsfoot blade with a flat grind and has a satin finish handle.

CIVIVI Chevalier Folding Pocket Knife

The CIVIVI Chevalier has an 88 mm blade size and 200mm overall length. This folding knife has a great design and purpose for doing any task. It also has a blunt tip that makes it a Sheepsfoot knife.

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