Clip-Point Knife

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Various knife blades of different shapes are designed for better use in specific situations. Nothing is accidental about your knife's shape, style, and texture. If you need to perform a wide variety of tasks and need knives ideally suited for all types of functions, you should acquire various blade styles to suit whatever you do or wherever you go.

With that said, clip-point knives are one of the most versatile type of blades in the market. 


  • Very sharp type of blade. It offers a good deal of precision and control.
  • It has a perfect design for the quick, rigid stabbing motions necessary to pierce and puncture lighter materials.


  • The point is narrow and fragile
  • These knives may not be ideal for skinning and carving larger animals that require laborious and drawn-out cuts.


Clip-point is a tremendous all-around knife in any knife collection. The clipped-off appearance at the tip of this blade is the reason for its name. The upper part of the blade will clip off near the last half or fourth of the edge closest to the point, forming an extra-fine end.

By choosing a clip-point, you will be among the hoards of knife enthusiasts with collections of great all-purpose blades that fit in many situations, expected or unexpected.

Special Features

Clip-point blades have achieved immense popularity among outdoors people and non-specialists due mainly to their versatility. One of its remarkable features is the outstanding inverse belly on the upper side of the spine that has a slope and adds to the slicing versatility.

This point, unsurprisingly, is referred to as the "clip." This lower point makes the clip-point blade sharper than other blade types and is ideal for situations requiring the user to have some delicate and precise control when making a fine cut.

Popular Clip-Point Knives

Buck 100

This knife has been the most popular folding clip-point knife over the past sixty years. Simple, understated, but a solid workhorse. It can do everything from cutting fruit for lunch to field dressing an animal.

Buck 100 is a folding knife nearly as strong as a fixed blade, yet the lock release requires minimal pressure. It was large enough to handle almost any everyday task but folded small enough to carry anywhere.

Boker Kalashnikov automatic knife

This clip-point knife is actively used worldwide today due to its incredible dependability and performance history. The iconic rifle inspires the Boker Kalashnikov knife with a plain design, no fuss, and high functionality. 

It has a strong lock, dependable blades, and a handle with ideal ergonomics. The Boker Kalashnikov esteems its name with a design you can trust.

Bowie Knives

Initially, the bowie knife is for defensive purposes. The primary function was for personal combat. However, its design supports the sense that it is ideal for cutting. A Bowie knife is a large knife with a cross guard and a blade with a clipped point.

Bowie knives came in various forms, some with or without guards and with differently shaped blades. Silver and other decorations enhance it. Sometimes including etching and engraving on their metal surfaces.

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