What does Big Red mean?

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Big Red is not one thing but everything the Aussie outback is to those who walk her red earth. It is not the Big Red Kangaroo although the largest Kangaroo in Australia has this name. It is not the largest sand dune in the Simpson Desert, also the largest dune has this name.

Big Red is something you breathe when in the bush and you have her red earth in your hair, clothes and boots. You can not see Big Red yet she is with and around you always. It is the sound of nothing when you are in the middle of nowhere.

I have been lucky enough to have had many trips touring the Australian outback with my “DOG PACK” of merry men. A group of 12 men ranging from their 40’s to their 70’s and professions covering all walks of life.

We have crossed the Simpson desert on many occasions. Travelled up the Hay river to Batton Camp, then took the Plenty hwy to Alice Springs. We have done the Fink. Travelled up the Darling river through Wilcannia to the Back of Burke and kept going. We have done thousands of KMs along the Dingo fence ending up in Hungerford QLD. All these places, Birdsville, Mungerannie, Innaminka, Cober Pedy are all in our Big Red Country.

We are a pack of foodies and the dinners in the bush over coals are something to behold. Tomahawk steaks, Stews, roasts, Quail over coals, Bugger Chicken to name a few. Bugger Chicken is when you fill the chook cavity with lemons and then make a thick dough with flour and salt to cover the chicken. Then you dig a hole in the red sand, add a shovel's worth of coals then cover the hole up and let it cook for 2 hours…. Was delicious!

It was on one of these trips I was making a Chilli when we got talking about the knives and the pack suggested Big Red be the name… Perfect.

Unfortunately 2 of our wolf pack have fallen. Ronnie in a bush fire trying to protect his house and Doug to cancer. A third is unwell also with a brain tumour. We will have a drink to celebrate the fallen next trip and have a yarn about some of the times we spent with them out in the bush.

This is what Big Red knives mean to me. Our big red country and travelling, eating and enjoying her sights with friends and family. These knives should be enjoyed by all and the perfect knives for outdoor cooking and entertaining.

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