Badass BBQ, Outdoor, Kitchen & Pocket Knives

Sandblasted Japanese steel | Australia wood/resin handles

Sandblasted Steel | Oz Wood

Big Red Knife handles are made with local Australian Wood (roots mainly). Once stablised we use this to wrap around Japanese Steel which has been finshed using a sandblast (creating micro air-pockets to reduce the stickiness of ingredients).

Like many things in Oz its a fusion - steel meets wood, Japan meets Oz, Art meets function.

BBQ Outdoor | Cuisine Indoor

We are building the Australian Knife collection to match the way we live. We need tools for our kitchen, our dining table and our BBQ.

For those of you looking for improved experience of eating and preparing to eat - these are the ultimate gift for everyone (even yourself)!

BBQ Collection

Aussies spend there favourite times gathered around the BBQ with friends and family. We have made a collection of knives designed specifically for BBQing, whether it is boning, carving or chopping you have in mind.

Gifts by Aussies for Aussies (and anyone on earth) :)

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