Local Kitchen Knives Inspired by Our Local Animals

Local Knives for local knife lovers

From the "Fruit Bats" in Woodville, South Australia...

The Complete "Big Red" Knife Collection

Complete 6 Knife Collecton | "Big Red" Kit

Complete 6 Knife Collecton | "Big Red" Kit

6 Knives that represent Australia.

The "Big Red" (Chef's knife), "Joey" (Petty Knife" and the "Croc" (Serrated/Bread Knife) are essentially the only three knives you'll ever need.

But if you wish to take your kitchen to the next level and have some space on the wall you can add the "Wombat" (a bestial Chopper), the Dingo (a delightful yet powerful All-Purpose) and the Koala (when intricacy is needed).

*Handles for each knife can be chosen - feel to contact us regarding what is in stock

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