Ramon Elzinga | Co-FOUNDER

A knife lover even before we were stuck in the house & kitchen.

Ramon lost to Callum Hann in very early rounds of Masterchef and decided he'd concentrate on tools moreso than dishes.

Shannon Dolman | CO-FOUNDER

The Son of a blacksmith Shannon has always been comfortable stuck in the shed.

He's a bit hard to get a hold of as he usually has his sleeves up and head down tinkering with something... usually a knife (not always).

Joao Sundfeld | VP of Sharpening

Former Chef & Extreme Guitarist Joao brings the passion from the concert to the shed.

He is the best sharpener we have and has a will forever be improving the way we play with Resin. He is Brazilian!


Another former chef turned jack-of-all trades and currently lumped with writing my own bio.

One of the perks of working for knife makers, I now have an unending supply of beautiful knives. Happy chef, happy life.

DAN QUINZI | VP of Finance

Our founders have their sleeves up so numbers is not their strength. Dan has helped resolve this and also give vastly improved vision of what we should be building - are we running out of Gyuto's? Dan is the one to answer this question.

Alejandro Carriel | VP of Digitography

Alejandro emerged from Chile and has been loitering in SA for some time.

He seems rather talented in capturing the imagery of a very hard to shoot piece of kitchen jewellry - the knife!