Local Kitchen Knives Inspired by Our Local Animals



We are mainly focused on Australian Kitchen Knives based on our local native animals however we are slowly moving beyond the kitchen playing with Table knives (cheese knifes and champagne sabers), BBQ knives (steak knives for example) and many more.

Knives we love become "Knife Art" in our kitchen, an arm extension at a BBQ and a knife of supreme elegance at a champagne brunch.

We are making knives because we love them - and those that use them.

The first batch of Australian chef knives ever made were focused on taking our kitchen experience to the next level.

We wanted them based on Australia, our animals and our lives - tough, strong and lasting forever - a fun fusion of engineering and art.

But we won't stop here.

We are currently working with arguably Australia's finest cheese maker and judge making Table knives; like cheese knives, bread knives, champagne sabers and steak knives to take your table and outdoor dining to the next level.

Lastly, we are currently working with Australia's greatest butchers and BBQ makers to create tools that take outdoor preparation and celebration to a level yet to be created.

Thanks in advance for helping us on this journey :)