Drop Point Knife

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Drop point knives have the most recognisable designs among all knife types, and this is because of the functions associated with this tool. Whether for puncturing or slicing, you can trust that drop-point knives can do the job. 

This knife has an inclined spine that meets the sharp curved edge and gives you all the leverage you need for slicing. This design also lends itself well to puncturing, making this knife a comprehensive tool for indoor or outdoor tasks. 

If you are unsure which knife type to go for, you can do no wrong with the drop-point knife since it’s the jack-of-all-trades of knives. 


  • A sharp tip that can do a great job of puncturing.
  • A curved edge that lends itself well to cutting efficiently.


  • They are not as good at puncturing as other specialized knives. 
  • Good at everything, but not as great in any specific task as specialised knives. 


As discussed earlier, a drop-point knife is a jack-of-all-trades regarding various functions expected from a knife. The most common size of this knife type ranges from 8 inches to 9 inches, making them portable and easy to use. 

You will often see that the handle is just as long, if not longer than the blade, making using drop-point knives a breeze. The blade length usually ranges from 3 to 4 inches, perfect for cutting or puncturing. 

Special Features

Since drop-point knives are all-round tools, no particular feature stand out. However, the blade shape can be good for skinning because it curves. It’s only natural to field dress the game you’ve hunted during hunting trips, so having a drop-point knife can be a good alternative if you don’t have skinning tools. 

Furthermore, the tip of this knife type is perfect for making small incisions or puncturing materials because of how pointed it is. Even though drop-point knives don’t particularly excel in a specific task, you can trust that they will do a good enough job of finishing multiple activities. 

Popular Drop Point Knives

Fallkniven F1 Pro

If you’re going out for a particularly rough and labor-intensive outdoor adventure, you’d be glad if you came equipped with the Fallkniven F1 Pro. This drop-point knife is designed with heavy-duty outdoor tasks in mind, and it shows from its handle to the blade tip. 

Featuring a 4-inch blade accompanied by a handle designed with slip resistance in mind, the Fallkniven F1 Pro should be your go-to drop-point knife for outdoor activities. 

White River Knife & Tool Hunter  

If you prefer your tools simple and direct to the point, the White River Knife & Tool Hunter is the drop-point knife for you. Featuring an aesthetically pleasing natural look to the micarta handle and a 3.5-inch blade, nothing says “close to nature” than this knife. 

Buck 112 Ranger

Buck knives have been a staple in outdoor activities because of the quality of their products, and the Buck 112 Ranger is no different. This folding knife has a beautiful contour from the handle to the blade, allowing you to generate more force when slicing or puncturing. 

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