Trailing Point Blades

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Trailing point blades are characterised by a curved cutting edge that continues past its spine in height. This design lends itself well to cutting and slicing because of its cutting angle. Additionally, this blade is much lighter, making it perfect for precision cutting. 

Due to this knife's accuracy, it is perfect for skinning or filleting. This blade is also flexible, so you won’t have to worry about getting into the harder-to-reach areas when using it. No matter which part of the cutting edge you use, you can trust that trailing point blades will do the job. 


  • Its tip doesn’t get in the way of cutting 
  • The Long and large blade is perfect for slicing and skinning


  • This blade’s material can be fragile and unsuitable for heavy-duty tasks
  • Puncturing can also be a challenging task for this particular knife 


Trailing point blades adopt a design similar to scimitar swords. This design aims to get precise cuts without breaking the slicing motion. If you want to slice a huge chunk of meat, you can do it effortlessly using this knife. 

Additionally, filleting is easier using this knife type. The idea behind filleting fish or game meat is to separate the most meat from the bone. This knife type’s flexibility is ideal for getting between those crevices to get the most meat. 

These knives typically hover around 7-8 inches in overall length, with their blades being 3-4 inches long. A wide belly also characterises these knives with a blade thickness of around 2-3mm, ensuring precise cuts every time. 

Special Features

Aside from its unique design, one of the main selling points of trailing point blades is their flexibility. We often think of knives as tools for heavy-duty tasks, but trailing point blades are your go-to knives for activities requiring delicate tools. 

Popular Trailing Point Knives

Harnds Giant Silkworm Tactical Folding Knife

If you plan on traveling light to your outdoor adventure destination, the Harnds Giant Silkworm Tactical Folding Knife should be your companion. With a closed length of 4.45 inches, this knife is easy to carry wherever you go. 

You’ll also enjoy the 3.15-inch blade, which gives you more than enough cutting edge for outdoor needs. Additionally, this knife also comes equipped with a reversible handle. As for the lock, you can rest assured that your blade will be secure because of its sturdy locking mechanism. 

Damascus Depot Damascus Steel Skinning Knife

One of the most notable qualities of Damascus steel is its unique design. This design is also very apparent in the Damascus Depot 9” skinning knife. With a design that transitions seamlessly from the handle to the blade, this lightweight knife is perfect for skinning and cutting. 

Railroad Ruffian Functional Trailing Point Railroad Spike Knife

Aside from its unique selling point of being made from a railroad spike, the Railroad Ruffian Trailing Point Knife is also an excellent cutting and skinning knife. With an overall length of 10 inches, cutting will be a breeze when using this tool. 

The blade is also slightly longer than the handle, reaching 6 inches. This blade length covers more area and makes cutting more effortless for you. If you’re looking for a trailing point knife that strikes the perfect balance between aesthetically pleasing and functional, this is the ideal tool.  

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