Top 14 meat cut styles to try for your next barbecue

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Looking to have the best barbecue party? Then you have to consider the meat styles you’ll serve to your guests. Since preparation is one big factor in ensuring you cook the juiciest steak that will become the highlight of the day, you need to know the ideal cut for the meat you’ll buy. Or to make it easier for you, knowing the right cut will shorten the time needed for your party preparation since you can quickly buy the meat and cut it.

So whether you’re preparing for your barbecue now or looking for great ideas to serve at your next party, find out the top 14 meat cut styles you need here at Big Red Knives!

Tomahawk steak

One of the most popular meat cuts you need to try is the Tomahawk steak since it’s a large cut of meat beautifully cut with a minimum of five inches of rib bone. While the cut depends on how thick the rib is, about 2 inches thick left. Once cooked, the best knife to cut through the tender meat is the Great White Shark by Big Red Knives.

T-bone steak

Make your barbecue party the best it can be when you serve premium cut meat T-bone steak! It’s meat cut from the short loin of the cow. One of the reasons why it’s considered a premium choice is because of the T-shaped bone where one side is sirloin meat and the other is tenderloin. It’s best to be careful when cooking T-bone steak since sirloin and tenderloin meat both needs to be cooked differently, with tenderloin taking more time to be cooked.

Similar to the T-bone steak, the porterhouse steak is a premium choice that will make your barbecue more memorable than it already is. It’s cut from the short loin of the cattle as well, but its main difference is that porterhouse has more filet. Generally, porterhouse steak weighs 24 ounces, and can be served any time at your barbecue for everyone since it’s also low in calories!

Filet mignon

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply want to serve the best meat at your barbecue, one way to do it is to serve filet mignon. It’s one of the most expensive cuts of beef, taken directly from the loin primal. Extremely tender and lean, filet mignon can be grilled, roasted, and more so make sure to use your Barramundi knife to prepare and cook it properly! 

Lamb chops

If you want to serve lamb, why not get a lamb chop? This is meat with the bone included, cut at perpendicularly. Since meat from lamb is often tender, it will be easy to cook and serve to your guests. Moreover, lamb meat is not gamy, making it the ideal meat to cook! It’s also versatile since you can broil, bake, grill it, and more.

Baby back ribs

One of the most popular meat cuts you can have for your barbecue is the baby back ribs. This is taken from the ribs attached to the backbone, near the loin muscle. It’s shorter than the spare ribs since it’s often 6 inches and tapers off to 3 inches on the shorter side. If cooked slowly and properly, you can have tender and delicious baby back ribs to serve at your barbecue.


If you’re barbecuing with a strict budget, one of the most cost-effective meats you need to get is the tri-tip. It’s meat taken from the bottom sirloin and can usually be bought trimmed or untrimmed. When you buy the untrim one, it’s often cheaper but make sure you have a trusty Kookaburra knife so you can trim the fat properly.


One of the most popular meat cuts, especially in Brazil, is the Picanha. This is meat cut from the rump, which can also be called the sirloin cap. It’s flavourful when you sear this since the fat keeps a lot of flavour. Moreover, it’s easy to slice through when you use any BBQ knife around!

Hanger steak

Commonly known as a butcher’s steak or hanging tenderloin, the hanger’s steak is taken from the upper belly or the diaphragm of the cattle. It’s not commonly found in groceries since once cooked, it’s one of the most tender cuts you can have. It’s pure beef you can cook in any way possible, whether you want to grill or fry it.

Merlot steak

Similar to the flank steak, the merlot steak is taken from the heel muscle by the hind-shank. Since the muscles here are often used for movement, the beef is leaner and tougher. It also has long and stringy muscle strands, similar to other cuts. One of the best ways to cook a merlot steak is to sear it using high heat. This will allow you to serve it as tender as it can be, especially when you serve it rare.

Boneless ribeye (also called Scotch Fillet)

One of the most popular types of meat cuts you can try is the boneless ribeye. It comes from the beef rib primal cut that allows you to cook the most tender and juiciest steak in a barbecue. While this can be cooked with ribs, it’s more difficult so it’s best to get the cut without bones.

Sirloin steak

When you want to grill, braise, or slow-roast, you can cook a sirloin steak. It’s taken from the meat closest to the legs of a cow, and generally divided into: top or bottom sirloin. The bottom sirloin is often tougher, but both cuts will make it easier for you to cook savoury meals each time!

Short ribs

One of the easiest meat cut styles you can serve at your barbecue are short ribs. These are simply meat cut from either the brisket, rib, plate, or chuck of a cow. Since they’re small cuts, there are numerous ways of cooking them that will leave the meat as tender as it can be. 

Flank steak

If you like lean beef with little to no fat, then you need a flank steak. Since it’s taken from the flank of a cow, or simply put, the muscles in their belly, the meat is generally tough. However, once it’s cut using any BBQ knife, when you grill it over high-heat or slow-braise it, the meat can be deliciously tender.

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