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A Tanto point blade is made specifically for armour piercing. It has a strong and high point with a flat grind for stabbing and puncturing rigid materials. The thick end of the Tanto blade has a lot of metal, making it easy to absorb the impact from a repeated piercing. 

The blade takes it shape from the weapon of the same name, used in martial arts and war for its ability pierce armour with its angular tip. The sharpened front section effectively beginning the cut, followed by the length of the blade. The design is strongest at its point, being supported by the thickness of the spine.

If you are collecting a knife and want a skill-specific blade, consider getting a Tanto point blade knife. Below is the information that you need that will surely change your mind.


  • It has a firm tip shape, making it puncture without breaking or chipping.
  • Gives confidence in knife-specific duty.


  • Limited functionality.
  • Lack of belly and up-sweep in cutting the primary edge. 


The best thing that makes the Tanto blade stand out is that it is a piercing-specific knife. It can make a clean pierce even on the most challenging material, which is favourable in cooking, cutting, and close counter combat. Tanto was also Japanese-inspired, which adapted designs, details, and styles. 

It has a sharp angled tip similar to the chisel point. The user's strength must be steep and sweep back to make a significant impact. The blade measures from 3 to 5 inches long and has a round belly or a leading sweep-up edge.

Special Features

Other Tanto users don't buy the fact that it is an excellent knife for slicing, but just like the other knives, it differs in how it will be used, the style, and its functionality. Aside from its blade, it also has a thick metal edge that is useful in many ways. Furthermore, you should get a Tanto blade if you are a fan of Japanese style and design.

It also has a solid-style blade. Some men have a personalised Tanto blade, such as making it double-sided, curved or straight. There are also detailed grooves that help to make a significant impact and grip once used. 

Popular Tanto Blade Knives

Kershaw Emerson CQC - 7K

Entering the list is the Kershaw Emerson Tanto blade knife. The high-quality performance and value make it stand out the most among enthusiasts, which is surprisingly available in a very affordable package. The best catch is that it is already in a complete stainless steel framework and weighs around 5.09 oz.

Boker Plus Pelican

If you want a less aggressive design of Tanto blade knives, you can choose the Boker Plus Pelican. It has a premium pocket knife feature and toned-down tactical appearance, which will pass the standards of the formal environment. It has a titanium frame lock handle and a matte design for more grip.

CRKT Carson M16

Last on the list is the military-inspired knife explicitly made for everyday use. Like the first knife, it is a high-performing knife at a very affordable price. This knife also has a matte feature on the Teflon bearings and adjustable pivot screws.

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