Unique Australian Chef Knives

Posted by Steven Tuckey on

When asked why we wanted to create an Australian range of chef knives, it was always a round-a-bout answer; 'we know about European-style knives, there's Japanese-style knives, where is the Australian knife?'.

And for a lot of people - of a certain generation - that may look like a bowie knife wielded by a straight-talking, buffalo-hypnotising crocodile poacher named Mick.

All jokes aside, Paul Hogan put Australia on the map for a whole generation of people with catch phrases like 'pop another shrimp on the barbie'. We have always been proud of our BBQ's, but this never extended to the tools we use to cook BBQ's. Such a weird situation to have a cooking device so central to our national identity, yet everything surrounding it is likely an afterthought?

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