Top 4 Knife Storage Solutions that Work 

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As crucial as sharpening your knives, it’s also essential to properly keep sake after use. So, where do you think is the right place to keep them? You’re probably thinking about leaving it In the sink or on top of the counter. Well, if that’s the case, perhaps you should think twice because where you place your knives is crucial in maintaining their quality. After all, if you properly store your knives, they will indeed serve you longer. 

You've probably seen varieties of places where professional chefs used to store their knives. Don’t fret yet. You don’t have to invest in those expensive knife storage since there are more affordable ways of keeping them. 

Why You Need to Store Your Knives Properly

However, before you dive deeper into the best storage for your knives, you need to find out first why it is essential to store them properly. Here are some of the reasons why.

To Avoid Excessive Sharpening of your Knives

Preventing premature dulling of your knife's edge should be the top reason why you need to keep your knives properly. You should know that aside from sharpening the blades to keep them from becoming blunt, storing them the right way plays a significant role in supporting its edge in perfect shape for a longer time. 

To Prevent Staining and Rusting

Imagine investing in a good quality set of knives, then all of a sudden, you’ll find it rusted in your storage. It'll be such a shame for you to let your knives be stained and corrupted just because you haven't stored them properly. Well, just like me, there are times you're probably guilty of carelessly putting your knives in the sink or countertops then leaving them soaking in the water for an excessive amount of time. 

To Ensure Safety

Now, more than preparing a healthy meal, it is more critical to ensure safety in the kitchen. If you place your knives wherever you deem so without putting much thought into it, this could lead to severe accidents at home. That is more crucial if you have children at home. Surprisingly, another reason is that it collects bacteria which is not suitable for your health. This is especially true when you have a wooden storage unit. Just a slight amount of water on the blades could result in bacteria festering in them.

Best Knife Storage Solutions

Since you already understand the importance of having well-organized kitchen knife storage, now it’s time for you to know the best knife storage solutions you can use in your kitchen.

Knife Blocks

The first on our list is the popular knife block, as almost every household owns this. You may have opted for this storage unit because of its accessibility. This storage can hold numerous knives in different shapes and sizes. If you carefully use the right slot, it will protect the edge of your knife, refraining from the need to sharpen it constantly. 

Despite being the usual go-to knife storage for most, you should make sure that it’s always cleaned and sanitized to prevent a possible spread of germs and bacteria. However, if you are busy and don't have enough time to wash and dry a knife block diligently, this storage is certainly not for you.

Knife Slot Drawer

If there are kids in your household, this may be the best knife storage option for you. It's much tidier than the other storage solutions and keeps children away from possible accidents in your kitchen. This is an excellent option for everyone because having numerous slots can accommodate knives of different sizes.

Though one of the best storage solutions, it somehow hinders your accessibility as you may need to frequently open and close your drawers. Another thing about this storage is it will put pressure on the blade's edge since you will store it vertically.


Magnetic Knife Strips

If you think having knife storage is space-conscious, then this one is the best for you. Unlike bulky knife blocks in the countertop and knife slot drawers that require extra space, magnetic knife strips are usually mounted on our kitchen wall. Aside from saving kitchen space, it makes cooking better since your tools are now much more accessible. Magnetic knife strips can also make a massive difference to your kitchen design since they add up to the vibes of your cooking space. It makes your kitchen edgy and can make you look like a professional chef with a good collection of knives in an instant.

However, since your knives are now more accessible in using this storage, you need to be extra careful in placing your knives back in them as it may result in scratches on your knife’s blade. This storage might not be a good option if you have kids or playful pets at home. After all, accessibility comes with a price.

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Magnetic Knife Stands

The last storage option on our list is the Magnetic Knife Stands. It will make your knives stable and accessible as you store them. Like the magnetic knife strip, your knives are now much more accessible. Moreover, in terms of food safety, contact with bacteria is lessened because there are no slots to separate each blade.

But with the same disadvantages as magnetic knife strips, you may need to keep this away from children. And just like a knife block, magnetic knife stands require space on your countertop. Probably much less, but space will always be space, especially if you have a small kitchen area.

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Store it Now

Now that you're familiar with the best knife storage options, together with their pros and cons, I think it’s up to you which option is best to purchase, considering the ease of accessibility and space.

Preparing meals doesn't just end in serving the food on your plate but by storing your tools properly as well. Like properly washing and drying your knives, your storage option will also impact maintaining their quality. Choosing the proper storage solution will lead to a better cooking experience at home.

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