Knife Maintenance: Knife Roll VS. Knife Block

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You don’t need to be a pro chef to say that knives are indeed an essential tool in your kitchen. They are helpful extensions of your hands, and I bet you can't complete a meal prep without them. Almost all kitchen-related activities revolve around the usage of knives. Therefore, it’s pretty relevant to say that knives should also be taken care of in return.

There are lots of articles online that can help you properly store your beloved kitchen knife. I guess you have been there, which is probably why you’re here. Some experts say that using knife rolls is the key, while others say that the knife blocks can create a huge difference. But which is it really? Continue reading so you can figure it out.

Proper Knife Storage’s Advantages

Before figuring out which is more effective between knife roll and block, I think it’s essential to know why you need to properly take care of your kitchen knives. Here are some of the advantages that you can benefit from properly maintaining your knives.

Avoid Knife Dullness

When you keep your edged tools in proper storage, you avoid the constant need for resharpening. Knives that keep on banging against each other tend to dull faster than those stored carefully. The friction also results in blade dents and scratches. 

While sharpening knives is vital, doing it frequently because of improper keepsakes will cost you much time. Proper knife maintenance will help you save time and effort by focusing on your kitchen activities. 

Offer convenience and Space 

This might seem obvious that when you put your knives in dedicated storage, you’ll quickly locate them each time you need them. That’s how convenient it is to invest in good knife storage.


Aside from the convenience, knife storage like rolls and blocks can save your kitchen space. That means there will be more area for other kitchen-related activities. 

Prevent Risks and Accidents 

This goes without saying, but I think I need to highlight that improper storing of your kitchen knives can result in injuries at home. This reality might be even worse if you have kids running and playing around while preparing their snacks or meals.

Proper storage solutions offer not just aesthetically beautiful kitchen space but a safety-oriented environment for anyone who desires to utilize it. 

Knife Rolls vs. Knife Blocks

Now, going back to the main topic, which is more effective. Using a knife roll or a knife block? I want to carefully identify some of the main pointers between the two. All you need to do is check which one will suit your style, space, and of course, budget.

Knife rolls 

Knife rolls are transport bags that are handy, durable, and stylish. The quality of the knife rolls depends on the materials used. You can either go for leather, a canvas, or a synthetic one. 

Pros of Using Knife Rolls

  • You can carry them to different places without compromising the quality of your knives. You simply place your kitchen knives inside the slots, roll them, and bring them anywhere you want.

  • They keep your tools in one place until you finally need to use them. Simply put, it's a bag and an organizer in one. 

  • Knife rolls come with multiple slots that allow you to guard your knives against hitting each other. These slots are safe enough to protect your tools and, at the same time, your body. 

  • Another advantage is the ease of access. Just lay it on your countertop, and your knives will be well presented in front of you.

Cons of Using Knife Rolls

  • Though knife rolls offer convenience and mobility, this might not seem convenient enough when preparing meals in your kitchen. Imagine rolling and unrolling the bag every time you need to get a knife.

  • Knife rolls are not aesthetically pleasing in your space. Whether you hang it or roll it, it doesn't give an appealing sight to motivate you to cook.

  • The convenience and mobility that knife rolls offer come with a not-so-affordable price. Typically, if you want a better quality knife roll, the price ranges from $200 to $400.

Knife Blocks

Another safe way to store your knives is by using knife blocks, also called knife holders. These are wooden or plastic storage devices typically designed with horizontal or vertical slots of various sizes. It’s the most common form of knife storage, a kitchen accessory you shouldn't miss. 

Pros of Using Knife Blocks 

  • Knife blocks can hold different knives and keep them from hitting each other, which is one of the main reasons why blades often get damaged.

  • Same with knife rolls, it is specifically designed as an organizer. You can even put honing steel with this block if you want.

  • Knife blocks provide convenience and comfort; when you need a knife, just reach for it, and it’s available. 

  • Unlike knife rolls, blocks can be a permanent home for your knives. With this knife accessory as your choice of storage, you can be relieved that your knives are safe while on display in your kitchen.

Cons of Using Knife Blocks

  • Knife blocks are bulky, so you'll need to use knife rolls if you bring your knives for a trip.

  • In terms of safety, knife blocks might not be comfortable if you have small kids who love to explore. Unless, of course, you have a high space that can’t be reached by your kids.

The Choice is in Your Hands

Knife rolls and knife blocks are highly recommended knife storage options by professional chefs worldwide. Rolls are perfect for outdoor transport, while blocks are permanent holders at home. Honestly, you can rely on both items as your storage. In fact, you can have both to satisfy your storage needs. It’s just a matter of which one you’re going to buy first.

The answer lies in your hand. Choose what’s best for you and see a huge difference when you finally prioritize proper knife storage and maintenance. 

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