Best Accessories For Your BBQ Knife Kit

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In Australia, several locations inland and along the coast serve as the perfect location for a group BBQ picnic. If you time the moment correctly, you don’t even have to bring your own food. You can fish it right out of the ocean, which is something that people of a certain age often appreciate as their hyperactive kids run around.


However, such an occasion is incomplete without an appropriate BBQ knife kit. You may be aware of cutlery such as a boning knife, a fillet knife, and meat cleavers. Yet, the equipment requires a few additional accessories to make the most of the experience while keeping the cutlery and utensils in the best possible condition. Here’s a list of the best accessories for your BBQ knife kit you can avail of without spending a small fortune.

Carrying Cases

For any outdoor gathering, it doesn’t make sense to stock your SUV with heavy block sets and pop-up knife covers. The blades can come loose and potentially harm other passengers. That calls for a robust carrying case that can store not just the cutlery but the various accessories as well.

There are several variations in the material and size of BBQ carrying cases. If you own an outdoor camping grill cover, it may have slots to safely store your BBQ knives and accessories. Still, it is best to get a separate canvas carrying case, preferably waterproof. A 22-inch (55.88-centimetre) griddle bag should be more than enough to carry your grill case, cutlery, and any other accessories you may require.

Portable Cutting Board

Whether you want to chop several vegetables or slice the perfect cut of brisket, you need a stable platform to do it on. It is why a resilient, portable cutting board must be a part of your BBQ kit. Premium charcoal grills come with built-in chopping boards, but if you’re using a less expensive variant, you may need to purchase one separately.

A BBQ cutting board should ideally have a length and breadth of 15 inches (38.1 cm) and 12 inches (30.5 cm), respectively. That allows enough space for most food items, including medium-sized beef steaks. It is best to purchase a large set of disposable wooden boards. You can renew the pack for just a few dollars and throw the used board in a bonfire at the end of the day, adding aroma to the air.

Multipurpose Grip Claw or BBQ Tongs

Tough meat pieces are challenging to grip, especially when you take one hot off the grill. If you don’t want to get upset with the improperly cut slices, a grip claw is a massive help. Several versions are available both online and at your nearest culinary store, but a multipurpose grip claw will suit most situations.

You can conveniently spot a multipurpose claw with its hollow grip. It allows for a firm hold and swift integration with wooden extensions to make it safer for the kids. It lasts for a long time, regardless of whether you work on roasted pork bellies or soft barramundi cuts.

Opt for the more traditional BBQ tongs if you are a fan of these more so than other tools. Also doubles as a perfect server for the BBQ meats and even salads.

Cocktail Plate Glass Holders

No BBQ party is complete without a few drinks. That is why carrying a few cocktail plate glass holders goes a long way in enhancing the experience. Instead of having your guests balance the plates and glasses separately, these unique pieces can allow them to hold all the items in one hand.

Cocktail plate glass holders have thin slits that can hold a wine glass, and you can carry any food in the space next to it. It is expensive to purchase them individually, so you should probably order them in sets of 20 or 40 to get a good discount.

BBQ Forks

When obtaining a desired slice of brisket, you’ll find it hard even to use a serrated blade to cut large portions of meat. It is the job of a unique BBQ fork that holds the piece in place without exerting too much stress and keeping your hands clean.

Stainless steel BBQ forks are typically 14 inches (35.56 cm) and have a wooden handle to keep the heat at bay. Although, you can splurge a bit to flaunt some ivory grips. A few variants are compatible with a grill holder, making it more practical to hold multiple food items with one hand.

Grip Tongs

A spatula or fork is often not enough if you want to handle smoking hot steaks off the grill. With heavier cuts, they can bend the metal leaving the tool unfit for further use. So, it helps to include a pair of stainless steel grip tongs in your BBQ knife set. Contrary to popular belief, these are not cumbersome. You can store them with a knitted holster and clean them off with regular tap water when you’re done.

Whetstone/Sharpening Rod

All your blades need sharpening from time to time, which is an excellent reason to keep a few whetstones handy. If you feel that you can cut your fingers by accident, then you can show off your skills as a master griller by using a sharpening rod. It is safer to use because of a wooden, plastic, or metallic grip. You can carry a sharpening rod which is more straightforward to store than irregular whetstones.

Cleaning Brush and Hand Fan

With so many knives and accessories in your kit, it is only logical that you have something to clean the blades and other metallic tools and avoid embarrassment during the last-minute preparations. A brilliant way to do that is to keep some cleaning paraphernalia handy. Your BBQ kit should have a couple of cleaning brushes and a hand fan to dry off wet tools or cool off yourself.

Most people prefer a hot air blower, but experts advise you to work your wrists instead. The reason is that the blower requires an external power supply and can weaken the metal on your hotplate if left unattended. Furthermore, a hand fan is lighter and easier to maintain.

Stainless Steel Grill Polish

You need to apply a speck of polish to your steel tools to make them shine out. A stainless steel grill polish spray will help you do just that. You can stow one easily in your backpack or your car’s glove box. It lasts for years without too much of it dispersing into the atmosphere and serves as an excellent little backup if you run out of car polish.

With just a few sprays on a soft cloth, you can make any metal get its former shine back. It also helps reduce the friction between the cutting surface and the food items, so you have less chance of damaging the steel as multiple people use it constantly. Great to avoid oxidation on the blade after a return from the beach. 

Choose a non-toxic food-grade polish to avoid cross contamination.

BBQ Grill Gloves

There is no harm in exercising a few extra security measures for those just starting with their first BBQ kit. Even if not for yourself, you never know when an overly curious kid might burn their hands getting a patty from the grill. To avoid such instances, it is best to have a couple of BBQ grill gloves within your carrying case.

Remember, those are not the same as oven gloves. BBQ grill gloves have fingers so that you can operate other tools whilst holding them. They are also soft and made from inert weaving to avoid any allergies to the wearer. You can buy moderately-priced gloves that can withstand temperatures of up to 800°C (1472°F) for a reasonable price.

Concluding Thoughts

No matter the collection of cutlery you possess, you can only make the most of them if you carry the appropriate accessories with you. We hope this guide on BBQ knife kit accessories helps you pack better on your next picnic on a beach in Queensland or an adventurous excursion into the outback. Got any burning queries? We would love to answer them in the comments below.

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