7 Over-The-Top BBQ Gadgets You Need Right Now

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Before you prepare your next barbecue with friends and family, Maybe you should think about updating you tired old BBQ, or adding an extra tool to your arsenal. Maybe you even want to explore charcoal cooking. Besides buying all the food you need for it, you need the right appliances that will make your party a success and make it all the more convenient for you to grill and smoke them!

Be as prepared as you can be by knowing the best barbecue gadgets and appliances you need right now that will make your life easier. Check below the seven BBQ gadgets you need to have and the reasons why they’re necessary for your parties.

1. Santa Maria Oven Cart:  The ultimate barbecue appliance

If you’re looking for the ultimate barbecue gadget, then the Argentine Charcoal BBQ style Santa Maria Oven Cart is all you need. Moving past your traditional grills, this cart commonly known as “Parrilla grill”, is as versatile as it can be since it has a rotisserie, hand cranks, and grates that allows you to cook your meat in precisely the way you want to. It’s durable and can last years, making your barbecue parties more fun and convenient for you and your guests.

Besides that, the Santa Maria Oven cart has its own firebox stove you can use with coals so it’s easier to smoke and cook your meat. Additionally, the cart has four small wheels so you can put it anywhere you want in the backyard.

If you are wanting to explore open fire cooking, its best to listen to the Argentinians, masters of fire cooking.

See the Santa Maria Oven cart here ➡️

2. Hibachi Grill: Premium durability in traditional elegance

Nothing beats barbecuing with ease than using a premium quality grill like the Hibachi Grill. This is a Japanese Konro grill, best used for barbecuing delicious steaks, vegetables and seafood. It has a simple design compared to other appliances, where it’s long in width with thin metal grills and air vents, it’s easier to cook meat exactly as you like. Additionally, while Hibachi Grill is simple, you can cook up to 1,200°C. It’s also made with diatom mud, making it the perfect insulator for heat!

See the Hibachi Grill here ➡️

3. Biltong Maker: Make Braai cooking easier than ever

Level up your parties by following the South Africa style of Braai cooking using the perfect tool for it—Biltong Maker! With some Braai cooking, you hang your meat like biltong and droëwors on rods to dry them. Curing meat in a heat cabinet like this is safe, quick and smells amazing. Not only will you serve a different but delicious food at your party but your enjoying the spoils of your labour.

Moreover, this gadget is easy to assemble and can hold up to three kilograms of meat so you don’t have to waste hours waiting for a bunch of meat to dry!

See the Biltong Maker here ➡️


4. Everdure’s HUB II: Barbecue with automated precision

Stop burning your meat by making sure you have a handy appliance that can barbecue with precision like Everdure by Heston Blumenthal’s HUB II. It’s a beautiful and sleek barbecue gadget with a built-in one touch rotisserie pole system, allowing your meat to be cooked thoroughly on all sides. Since it’s automated, you don’t even have to worry about spending all your time cooking since you can tend to your guests and still make sure the food turns out well.

The HUB II also has a built-in storage for plates and other utensils as well as an area to keep food warm, making it the perfect place to store ready-made food to your guests! Moreover, you can finish grilling 32 burgers, 16 medium steaks, or 5 large turkeys at the same time within 10 minutes using this.

If you want to get extra science-y with your BBQ, or if you are a grill masters that demands perfection, this is probably the most high tech BBQ you can buy.

See the Everdure Hub II here ➡️

5. Gozney Roccbox: Your handy outdoor pizza oven

With Gozney Roccbox, when you throw a barbecue party, you can make it all the more memorable by including pizza that you cooked yourself. Since most pizza ovens are not portable, this delicious food isn’t often included in BBQ parties unless someone brought it from a restaurant. However, you can have your own restaurant-grade oven right in your garden that can cook pizzas within 60 seconds if you have a Gozney Roccbox.

Moreover, while it’s portable and has a detachable burner and legs that can be retracted, you can increase the heat to cook your food up to 500°C! It’s still safe to touch though due to its silicone jacket so you don’t have to worry about being burned. Besides that, you can cook more than pizza in this portable oven since you can cook steak, chicken wings, and more!

If you want an inferno in your backyard (or on a camping trip), you have to check this gadget out. Mangia!

See the Gozney Roccbox here ➡️

6. Yoder Smokers’ Kingman: Barbecue in style and opulence

When you want to take your barbecue parties to a whole other level (and in style), then look no further than Yoder Smokers’ Kingman! This sleek black barbecue gadget will be everything you need to serve delicious food to your guests and make your party as luxurious as it can be. Yoder smokers are known as the 'Rolls Royce' of low n' slow barbecuing for good reason.

Since the Kingman has a cooking area of 14,464 cm², cooking for large crowds as big as a hundred people can be done with ease. Moreover, whether you simply want to grill your meat or smoke it, this beaut can help you! If you want to use it for normal parties or in competitions, you can also do it since it’s a professional grade with a number of features that easily beats other appliances.

If you are looking for the best BBQ for American smoking, look no further.

See the Yoder Smoker here ➡️

7. Big Green Egg: All-around appliance for large events

Your search is over if you’re looking for an all-around BBQ to use for large events since the Big Green Egg is all you need! It’s the most versatile barbecue gadget you’ll see since you can use it to grill meat and cook them like you would in an oven. It’s a ceramic Kamado grill that can last for years, especially if you take care of it!

Besides using it as a grill and oven, a Big Green Egg is perfect if you want to smoke your barbecue to perfection. Since it comes in seven different sizes from mini to 2XL with cooking areas ranging from 507 cm² to 4,185 cm², you have a great variety for your outdoor barbecue picnics with friends and families!

See the Big Green Egg here ➡️

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