Australian Cheese Knives | Big Red Knives

We are currently working with (arguably) Australia's finest cheese maker and judge making Table knives, like cheese knives, bread knives, champagne sabres and steak knives to take table and outdoor dining to the next level.
We are still fine tuning the design, but you can expect a set of cheese knives that are not only tailored to each individual ripeness and hardness of cheese, but also to the hand holding them. With exquisite detail from Damascus steel and native Australian wood handles, each knife is a piece of art on the table. 
So how did we design them?
In consultation with artisan cheesemaker Kris Lloyd, our head blacksmith Shannon Dolman set about designing the perfected cheese knife, which turns out to be three. Each of these knives serve a function on the cheeseboard, whether its brie or cloth bound cheddar, semi-hard or extra soft. 
We are very excited to bring you this new collection, early in the new year (fingers crossed).