The Complete BBQ Set - Big Red Knives
The Complete BBQ Set - Big Red Knives
The Complete BBQ Set - Big Red Knives
The Complete BBQ Set - Big Red Knives
The Complete BBQ Set - Big Red Knives
The Complete BBQ Set - Big Red Knives
The Complete BBQ Set - Big Red Knives
The Complete BBQ Set - Big Red Knives
The Complete BBQ Set - Big Red Knives
The Complete BBQ Set - Big Red Knives
The Complete BBQ Set - Big Red Knives
The Complete BBQ Set - Big Red Knives
The Complete BBQ Set - Big Red Knives
The Complete BBQ Set - Big Red Knives
The Complete BBQ Set - Big Red Knives
The Complete BBQ Set - Big Red Knives

The Complete BBQ Set

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Our Complete BBQ set is the perfect addition to your kitchen if you are looking for some dedicated BBQ knives that can handle any tasks. The set of 6 specialist knives are made with rock hard VG10 steel, with Australian wood handles and sandblast finish. If you are looking for some stunning knives that are up to the task, this collection will be your next best friend.

The complete BBQ set starts with the All-Purpose blade (The Great White Shark) that can slice and chop just about anything - however, its primary focus is protein.

To bring the vitamins and minerals of vegetables to the BBQ we have added the ultimate vegetable chopper - The Platypus.

Next we have the smallest knife in the collection, the paring knife - The Kookaburra. But don't be fooled by its size, it's a beast.

For those needing to fillet your fish we have designed our first filleting knife - The Barramundi knife.

For those of you looking for a boning knife, the perfect blade to remove meat from the bone and sinew from the meat we have crafted the boning knife- The Tassie Devil.

To complete the collection we have added the ultimate slicer and show stopper to either prepare with long cuts or to carve and serve we have made the cimeter or carving knife - The Brolga. This is the perfect knife for slicing at the BBQ (or at the table) and to finish the BBQ show in style.

  • Great White Shark 18cm Chopper
  • Platypus 15cm Vegetable Cleaver
  • Kookaburra 9cm Paring Knife
  • Tassie Devil 15cm Boning Knife
  • Barramundi 19cm Filleting Knife
  • Brolga 27cm Butchers Cimeter

Handles for each knife can be chosen - feel to contact us regarding what is in stock 

*Please Note: Handles are made using Australian wood burl (roots) so each knife is unique. The images attached are for guiding purposes, so wood grain and resin will vary between individual knives (not the same as the one in the picture).

Finer Details

VG10 high carbon Japanese steel construction with sandblast finish.

Our knives are designed here in South Australia by Shannon, a 2nd generation blacksmith. We source high quality Japanese VG10 steel for a robust blade with rigid construction, corrosion resistance, and most importantly, a razor sharp edge that holds for ages.

We pair this steel with Australian wood handles foraged from around our area; mainly Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale.

The knife is finished with a 50/50 double bevel edge, sharpened to 15° angle. This creates a keen edge, without sacrificing toughness or performance. 

For Australian customers:

We offer $9 flat-rate Shipping Australia-wide.

Orders are dispatched within two days of purchase. For all domestic orders, we use Australia Post where current delivery times are 1 to 5 days.

If the knife is for a birthday let us know and we will upgrade to express at no charge.

For overseas customers:

We offer $29AUD flat-rate shipping for all regions (larger orders are rewarded by keeping the shipping cost fixed).

For overseas shipping, we use DHL or TNT, the two biggest transport companies in the world (The German's versus the Dutch). Delivery times tend to vary from a week to a month, however we do provide tracking information for clarity.

Any issues or problems let us know. If it doesn't arrive then we will refund you or re-make and re-send.

To keep this simple, we are happy to refund or replace any issues for 10 years.

Hopefully by the end of the decade we have robots making us dinner and you may not use your knife as much.

A very good question. Here's a short answer.

What not to do?

Don't put it in the dishwasher or leave it in a sink full of water as this can lead to corrosion. We also recommend against cutting on a glass chopping board as this is terrible for the blade (can lead to chipping).

What to do?

Our knives have a high carbon concentration meaning they are harder at the edge. This means less honing is needed (i.e. sharpening with your rod at home or in the kitchen).

With this type of steel you should have it sharpened by a sharpener (ideally on a whetstone to stop the steel heating). How often varies depending on usage however most people do it every 3-6 months.

To summarise, less honing and more stoning.

If you need help finding a sharpener near you, give us a bell and we will do our best to assist.

Tax for Australian customers:

Australia is easy. We charge 10% GST (which is included in the price). 

Tax for overseas customers:

Rest of the world is a little more complicated. To date, we have experienced very few tax issues at customs however we're happy to talk with you if you're unsure (and we can pass on what has happened for knives sent to the same region in the past).

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Whetstone Set



An Edge in the Kitchen

Edge retention is crucial for keeping your knives razor sharp. We choose rock-hard steel at 60HRC to ensure your edge is Hattori Hanzō sharp out of the box, and keeps its edge for much longer than other knives.


Our blades are forged in Japan by Takefu Steel. We select VG10 steel for its high carbon content, corrosion resistance and quenched hardness. This results in a knife with incredible sharpness, balance and toughness.


We gather symbolic and interesting woods from our surroundings to make unique handles. Each piece carries a story and origin, set into coloured resin to create functional art in your kitchen.