Knife Narcissism - Why it works?

Posted by Ramon Elzinga on

Our narcissistic nature when it comes to knives is probably why we started making them. We loved bringing out high-end Japanese slicers when doing a BBQ or presenting a Christmas chicken. We loved the tools themselves when making food for friends and family and we always wanted to work with tools which were as good, or better, than the food we aspired to make.

The thing is, we are never happy.

The first batch of knives we made using old Australian gum from the back yard on the handle and Damascus steel (from Damascus itself) were terrible. Our narcism and constant will to make something that both functioned and looked amazing was what has driven to make better knives. We threw out, or re-made, over 100 knives before felt we finally made one we can sell.

But this hasn't ended. We're still no happy.

The joyful thing is that Shannon and I are never happy. We also want our knives to look better. They're never quite right. The day they are we will probably resign.

We're not sure with it's OCD or narcissism but it's our problems that improve our product.

We're never happy, and the day we are we will stop.